Give your bookmarks manager a promotion [Deals]


Qlearly Premium
This bookmark manager upgrade offers new ways to organize, sync and share your favorite pages.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

The internet is a distracting place. And somehow, leaving tabs open or bookmarking pages never seems to bring us back to the things we say we want to read later. But with this bookmark manager and browser extension offers an upgrade that can help make browsing less of a grind.

Saturday Deals Roundup: The BookMark Backup Battery And MONOCLE Speaker [Deals]



We’re in the midst of a holiday weekend, and Cult of Mac Deals has some great offers that are worth exploring while you’ve got time to spare!

The BookMark by Vorson is one of the thinnest backup battery solution on the market. We’ve got this backup battery solution for just $38.99 for a limited time. And MONOCLE, a high quality speaker that lets you listen to music and calls on the go, is available for only $34.99!

Use The Gmail App To Share Links From Mobile Safari [iOS Tips]


share via Gmail app

Mobile Safari has a great sharing feature, letting you send a web page to anyone via iMessage, Twitter, Facebook, or email. The bummer thing is, though, that if you hit Mail, your iPhone will wrest control from you and make you send via the built-in iOS Mail App.

But you don’t want to use Mail. You prefer the Gmail app, right? Of course you do. How the heck, then, can you send that adorable picture of a cute pug puppy via email using the Gmail app? With a secret bookmark, of course.

Here’s how.