Elegant Purse Is Actually An iPad Case In Disguise



Having all but dumped my iPad for an iPad mini, I’m now back in the bag dating pool, searching for the perfect match for my little friend and his favorite accessories.

The Polly bag certainly isn’t that perfect match – it’s a girls’ bag and it’s for the big, ugly retina iPad – but when it turned up on my dating radar I figured that it’s totally worth a look.


The trick with the Polly – from Tyla Rae Designs and photographed here by Apartment Therapy – is that it looks just like a regular, slightly twee-looking purse, but it is in fact an iPad case with a strap. Tote this thing with your to work, or to the store, or to anywhere that you feel you can go with this thing on your arm, and when you need to check something on your iPad’s huge screen you just open it up like a book.

The chain strap is joined at the spine of the “book,” and the case is held shut by a snap-closing button, or press-stud as they’re called in England, or “popper” as they were called in my family home.

It’s pretty neat, right? And it makes me itch for a smaller version that would also have space for a wallet and a few cables.

Alas, my search continues, but your search could end with $60 and quick click. You lucky dog, you.

Source: Tyla Rae Designs

Via: Apartment Therapy