Buy Before You Try: Game Dev Offers Half Off For Mystery Game


So, you've got a game you'd like us to review...
Motorbikes are cool.

11Bit Studios has released a couple of fantastic iOS games, Anomaly Warzone Earth and the follow up Anomaly Korea. Now, however, they’re setting their sights on the desktop gaming scene with a new secret game that they won’t even tell you about. Oh, and they’ll let you pre-order it, without even knowing what it is or what it’s about, for $7.49, which is half off the expected $14.99 they’ll release the game for on Steam sometime between March and June.

Intrigued? The developers hope you are, as they’ll only make this offer until February 28th, when they actually announce the game. If you pick it up now for $7.49, you’ll get a Steam code for the game when it comes out sometime in Q2 of this year, as well as a code for the multiplayer beta sometime near the end of March.

The studio has a pretty good track record, with Anomaly Warzone Earth taking off on the iTunes App store, Google Play, and now on the PS3. 11bit studios’ follow up game, Anomaly Korea, was picked up and published by Chillingo, who felt good enough about the game to add their own muscle to distribution. Both games offer gorgeous visuals to the thoughtful tower-defense strategy game genre.

To get you even more excited, the devs are offering up this gorgeous-looking but utterly devoid of content sneak peek trailer to encourage you to buy the new secret mystery game now.

See what we mean? There’s a soldier-like figure riding a motorcycle, then two of them walking up to a sort of satellite uplink (perhaps?) doing some sort of survey, perhaps on another planet? And then the land cracks, the music kicks in to high gear, and…that’s it. Promises of greatness.

If that gets your heart racing, head on over to the 11bit studios FAQ page and drop in your $7.49 to see what you can see. The offer’s only good until the 28th, so don’t take too much time.

Source: 11bit Studios