The Story Of An iPhone So Nice It Was Stolen Twice


You don't have to jailbreak to give your iPhone a little extra personality.
You don't have to jailbreak to give your iPhone a little extra personality.

You should never steal an iPhone while wearing pink shoes. It doesn’t sound like a piece of vital information, but in the hard streets of Brooklyn’s Prospect Park it is, because those pink little things are going to get you caught.

One thief learned that lesson the hard way, after he stole an iPhone from a girl, and then the iPhone he stole was stolen, and then both of them got busted. It’s a crazy story, but it goes something like this:

A girl was walking through Prospect Park in Brooklyn when a teenage boy ran up and ripped her beautiful iPhone 4S out of her hands. Why was she brandishing her iPhone about when Prospect Park is a notoriously difficult place, and iPhone theft is one of the most popular crimes in New York City? I dunno. Her parents had warned her, but she wasn’t thinking right.

So that teenage boy ran away with her iPhone 4S, thinking he’s got it made. He decides he needs to sell it quick to make some money. Easy money from an easy theft.

He meets some guy on Flatbush and the dude asks if he can hold the iPhone to take a look at it and make sure Siri is working and all that. The original teenage iPhone thief thinks nothing of the man’s requests, hands him the iPhone, and is shocked when the hombre bolts off with the iPhone.

The original teenage iPhone thief runs over to the cops, and tells them that his iPhone was just stolen from him. Big shocker: the police officers actually do an incredible job and find the second thief crazy quick.

Thinking that this teenage boy is the victim, the iPhone rings, the police pick up, and it’s the girl with the cops trying to make a deal to get her iPhone back.

Eventually the police hatch up a plan to find out whose iPhone it really is so they arrange a meet up. Right away the girl recognizes the thief because of his pink shoes and launches a nuclear payload of accusatory claims that this is the guy who stole her iPhone. The pink shoe thief acts incredulous and says it’s totally his iPhone.

To determine the owner of the iPhone, the police tell the two that whoever can unlock the iPhone with it’s security PIN gets to keep it. Surprise! The girl unlocks it. The pink shoe thief gets clapped with the cuffs, and karma wins the day.


Source: The New York Times