BooqPad Mini Case Is Perfect For The Classroom



Having utterly failed in my efforts to not buy an iPad mini, I have already started a collection of cases. Most of them are review units, and almost all of them add too much weight and bulk to the tiny mini. But the Booqpad mini seems to have a different idea: If you’re going to add weight anyway, why not just go the whole way and make the extra grams worth it?

The Booq is made of the same tough-but-light material as Booq’s Viper Sleeve, and completely ignores minimalism, including a spot to stow a pen/stylus and a paper notepad. And behind that notepad are pockets for business cards and other paper detritus.

In fact, so serious is the Booqpad mini about using paper that it is constructed backwards. That is, the iPad sits on the left side when the cover is opened, leaving the right side with easy access for your pen hand (lefties can just spin the whole thing 180˚, I guess).

It really looks great, and seems like the perfect setup for people studying or using the iPad mini in meetings. Yes it weighs half a pound (230 grams) but that’s not the point – think of this as a folio notepad that also holds an iPad, and not a heavy iPad case.

And the best news? It costs just $40, the same as Apple’s stupidly overpriced (but still my favorite) Smart Cover. Available in gray or black.

Source: Booq

Thanks: Brad!