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iPhone 8 bumper cases, must-have charging accessories, and more [Crowdfund Roundup]


Dynamic Defender
A protective bumper that's actually protective.
Photo: Telephant Labs

Crowdfund Roundup bugBuying a bumper case is a great way to protect your iPhone while showcasing its good looks. But did you know that most bumper cases on the market have poor impact protection? The Dynamic Defender changes that with its unique shock-absorbing mechanism.

It’s just one of the awesome ideas in this week’s Crowdfund Roundup. We also have a MacBook charging accessory that should come bundled with every Apple notebook, and more!

New MacBook Pro gives Apple a Q1 sales bump


The new MacBook Pro has been great for Apple's bottom line.
Photo: Apple

Despite a slow global market, Apple’s notebook sales experienced year-over-year growth last quarter, according to a new report that reveals the new MacBook Pro provided the company with a considerable bump in sales.

Notebook shipments were up 6.1% worldwide for the first quarter of 2017 with total shipments hitting 37.81 million units. That’s great news for manufacturers, but TrendForces’ latest findings show that a cool down period could be on the way.

2017 iMacs will bring spec bumps to woo power users


The 2009 unibody iMac proved a watershed design for Jony Ive and Apple.
New iMacs will be aimed at high-end users.
Photo: Apple

Apple is reportedly set to launch new iMacs geared toward the pro market later this year.

The revelation came during a very rare Apple press briefing concerning its future plans. While the big news coming out of this meeting with a small group of reporters is that a radical rethink of the Mac Pro is on the way, there was also talk of an imminent iMac refresh.

Today in Apple history: iPhone sales hit first speed bump


iPhone 7
One year ago today, we officially hit "peak iPhone."
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

Jan26January 26, 2016: After nine years of spectacular growth, iPhone sales flatline for the first time.

In numbers posted by Apple for the last three months of 2015, iPhone sales were shown to grow by only 0.4 percent over the holiday season, compared with 46 percent during the same period one year earlier.

Apple’s secret electric car hits a speed bump


apple car
A rendering of an Apple car.
Photo: Motor1

Drivers won’t be hitting the highways in Apple’s self-driving vehicle at all this decade.

Apple has reportedly pushed back the goal launch date of its secretive electric car project that has been in the works since 2014. Previous rumors claimed Project Titan is aiming for an unveiling in 2019, but it may have hit a speed bump.

Brace yourself for ‘bumper ads’ before every YouTube video


YouTube wants to takeover your TV.
YouTube wants to takeover your TV.
Photo: YouTube

When you’re excited to watch the latest videos from your favorite YouTube channels, the last thing you want to see before them is ads you can’t skip. Normally, they don’t appear on every video you watch, but Google is planning to change that.

The company today announced that is introducing 6-second “bumper ads” that will play before all videos watched on mobile devices, and you have no choice but to sit through them.

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