Braeburn HD Dock Turns Your iPhone Into A Tiny Movie Theater



Remember the Braeburn Dock? It was a hefty, beautifully-crafted iPhone 5 dock hewn from a single block of aluminum, and incorporating special channels which boosted the sound from the speaker and to the mic.

Now it has been joined by the Braeburn HD, which is the exact same thing, only made to hold your iPhone in landscape orientation for watching movies. Or docking it on very tall desks which leave almost no clearance between their surface and the ceiling above.

The Braeburn HD is made in the same way, from sturdy aluminum, and channels the sound from the speaker through its acoustic amplifier to add 3dB to the sound level. It also addresses my only concern with the original, which was that it held the iPhone bolt upright, making it hard to use whilst docked.

The HD holds the iPhone at an angle, for easier viewing and for stabbing at the screen while you work. And it is just as ridiculously low-priced as the regular dock, coming in at just $30 (you’ll need to bring your own Lightning cable).

The Braeburn HD is available right now, for your small-screened viewing (and listening) pleasure.

Source: Braeburn Acoustics

Thanks: Christopher!