Make Find My Mac More Effective – Enable Power Nap On Battery Power In Mountain Lion [OS X Tips]


Battery Power Nap

I haven’t really paid much attention to Mountain Lion’s new Power Nap feature, until I learned that it will keep my Mac safer, as Power Nap allows Find My Mac to run while it’s sleeping. A stolen Macbook can be run on battery power, so if you want to make it so that it’s more likely to continue running Power Nap, even when the Mac is unplugged, you have to enable it.

Power Nap also lets Time Machine back up hourly while asleep and runs Software Updates once per day. It will also keep all the iCloud stuff we all use synced up and ready to go, including email, calendars, notes, contacts, and reminders.

In case you don’t have this little gem running on your Mac, here’s how to check if it is, and enable it if it isn’t.

Launch System Preferences from the Apple menu, or from your Mac’s Dock. Click on the little fluorescent light bulb icon (clever, Apple!) to launch the Energy Saver preference pane. Click on the Battery tab at the top, and then enable Power Nap there at the bottom by clicking the checkbox next to the Enable Power Nap while on battery power label, as Power Nap will stop if your battery level hits 30 percent or lower so as not to run your battery out running Power Nap features.

Click on the Power Adapter tab at the top, and check to make sure Power Nap is enabled there, too (it usually is by default).

Now, should someone steal that Macbook, and have it sleeping on battery power, Find My Mac will continue to run in the background, making it that much more likely that it can be found.

Via: Laptop Mag