Apple Posts New iPad Mini TV Ad: I’ll Be Home [Video]


Apple just posted its new iPad mini ad, “I’ll Be Home,” in which an adorable young girl, shown on an iPad, plays “I’ll Be Home For Christmas” on the ukulele via FaceTime to her Grandfather, who is shown on an iPad mini.

It’s thirty seconds of holiday cheer, presented without comment or text, with only an Apple logo and some suggestion of snow at the very end. It’s a sweet little video, and honestly, Apple, you had me at ukulele music.

Source: YouTube

  • jpadhiyar

    Well, that’s Apple for you. Simple, minimal and totally Apple-esque. Nice to know that the marketing still has the Jobs flavor.

  • lambaline

    Love the ukulele and the simple, minimal style

  • angel7wings

    This is so cute, just adorable. She has such a natural–sweet talent. I don’t care about the commercial so much but does get the point across–loved it.