Even James Bond Would Lust After This iPhone Controlled Dragonfly Drone



James Bond gets all the cool stuff. Fancy gadgets. Fast cars. Beautiful ladies. And a bottomless bucket of martinis. But he doesn’t have an iPhone controlled dragonfly that can spy on all the bad guys without making a sound.

You’re not James Bond, but you can get your very own dragonfly robot to conduct your own espionage missions, or just take pretty ariel pictures to post on Instagram. The best part is that your flying robot will be controlled with your iPhone and it’ll only cost you 120 bucks.

Some genius mad scientists from Geogria Tech have created a company called TechJect that wants to make small versatile robots an aspect of everyday life. The Air Force has already spent more than $1 million to help fund their project and now it’s coming to the masses.

For only $119 you can own their flying dragonfly robot. It’s more stable and agile than mini helicopters, and more quiet and versatile than an quadro-copter. TechJect’s co-founder Emanuel Jones says that their prototype currently weighs less than one AA battery and it comes with HD cameras for crystal-clear spying. Oh yeah, and it’s battery life is way longer than other toys like the A.R. Drone.

“This means you can do amazing aerial photography, spy on people, secure your house or use it as the next-gen gaming platform,” Emanuel Jones. “This could be the next generation in spy tools. Even James Bond would want one of these.”

The Dragonfly Drones are indistinguishable from an insect in the environment and can be modified with different color schemes and wing configurations. If you pledge $119 to TechJect’s current IndieGogo campaign you’ll get your own robot, developer SDK, and a DVD flight manual.


Source: IndieGogo

Via: Yahoo

  • VirtualVisitor

    Is this available now? Or is this just a come-on to raise funds? Your article is not clear, and neither is their website. SCAM !