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Readdle Launches Scanner Mini, A Free Version Of Scanner Pro



Scannner Mini is a new iOS scanning app from Readdle, and it has one big feature: it’s free. Scanner Mini is a no-cost version of Readdle’s excellent Scanner Pro app, giving you everything it’s big brother has, minus the document sharing.

Scanner Pro is my go-to scanning app, and it’s so good I’m happy that I paid the low asking price of $7. Scanner Mini looks almost exactly the same, and offers the same fast scanning, easy auto-cropping (and perspective correction) and effective grayscale or black and white conversions. It even shares the same iCloud repository with Scanner Pro, so if you ever upgrade you won’t even have to think about moving your documents.

What Scanner Mini doesn’t do is share. Your options are limited to iTunes export or iCloud. To share your documents to Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive, e-mail or any other of the many options, you’ll need to go pro. But if you’re happy with sharing scans between iDevices (and taking screenshots to get them into the camera roll), then the free version might be enough. And like I said, the shared iCloud space makes upgrades easy.

Go grab it now.

Source: iTunes App Store

Thanks: Irene!