Give Any Website Or Blog A Professional Touch With Picturesque [Deals]


CoM - Picturesque

It’s almost 2013. High-quality web and blog design are no longer a luxury – they’re a necessity.

Picturesque is an awesome little app – and the latest Cult of Mac Deals offer. This app will improve any web design by adding some serious sizzle to your images. Drag and drop images onto Picturesque & choose from 5 tasteful effects. It’s that easy. And it’s only $5 for a limited time!

All of Picturesque’s effects work well together, and are widely used around the web to make enhance images, photos, and overall site design. It’s the perfect tool for web designers and bloggers, but also fun for personal use – say, to spruce up any holiday cards you might be sending out at this time of year.

Here are just some of the features that Pictueresque offers:

  • Simple and beautiful interface
  • Batch resizing & beautifying (perfect for thumbnails)
  • Presets to keep track of your favourite styles
  • Built-in cropping
  • Coloured or transparent background
  • Save into TIFF, JPG or PNG

Picturesque also sports 5 effects that will add some serious beauty to your photos:

  1. Awesome 3D perspective (rotation, elevation):With just 2 sliders, Picturesque lets you create the gorgeous 3D perspective effect.
  2. One-click Reflections (opacity, length, offset): Blow people away with stunning reflections. No need to fiddle around with layers, just click reflection.
  3. Curves in all the right places (opacity, blur, colour, angle, and distance): No more mucking around with masks. Curves are as simple as ticking boxes.
  4. Easy Shadows, Glows, and Strokes (choose which corners to round, and by how much): Traditional effects like shadows, glows and strokes are only a click away in Picturesque.
  5. Son of a Batch (color, width, position of the stroke): Drop a folder of images onto Picturesque to beautify them all in less time than it takes to open Photoshop. You can also batch resize.

Simply put, Picturesque is the slickest image enhancer for bloggers and web designers around at its regular price. With this offer, you’re geting it for just $5 – which makes it a slam-dunk purchase. So start spicing up your photos with Picturesque today – before this Cult of Mac Deals offer fades to black!