Forget SkyDrive, Apple And Microsoft Battling Over Subscriptions In Upcoming Office For iOS


  • technochick

    Microsoft are idiots. If the sign up is done off device Apple doesn’t get a cut. Same as wi my Netflix which I had for years before iOS, my Hulu etc.

  • Howard

    Apple needs to rethink it’s strategy. With MS having a usable tablet, large corporations may decide it is easier to use MS tablets instead of the hassle Apple is putting some of these companies through.

  • thegraphicmac

    Sound theory, Howard. However, the part that debunks your theory is simply that USERS don’t want MS products. Period. And corporations of all sizes are finding out the hard way that they either have to allow users to choose Apple/Android products, or those users will just circumvent the security set in place.

    It’s ironic that MS is now crying over what will probably be a $30-$50 fee per user going to Apple when for years they’ve been screwing customers with outrageous fees for their products.