Get AirPlay Video Streaming For Cheap With This Chinese Apple TV Knockoff



Priced at only $99, the Apple TV is a pretty awesome deal. But if you thinking streaming movies from you Mac to your LED Plasma 3D Ultra High-Definition TV isn’t worth that much, then maybe you just need a cheaper Chinese knockoff solution.

Xiaomi Box looks pretty similar to an Apple TV, it’s cheaper than an Apple TV, it even comes with the ability to use Apple’s AirPlay protocol like an Apple TV, but it only costs $64.

The Xiaomi Box is a straight up Apple TV knockoff that tries to mimic Apple’s design, but the creators have done a pretty good job of giving it some distinctive design elements. Rather than being blocky like the Apple TV, Xiaomi Box has tapered edges. It has 1 HDMI port, an Ethernet port, Micro-USB, RJ-45, Audio out, and a power socket. The only thing it’s missing is the Digital Audio port Apple TVs have.

While the software on the Xiaomi Box isn’t the same as an Apple TVs, it looks pretty similar with the same color schemes and gradients being used, although the UI looks more like Windows Metro than iOS. It comes bundled with a remote but you can also control it with an iOS or Android device.

Xiaomi Box will officially go on sale in December for $64 (399 yuan), and while it’s not as good as an Apple TV, if you’re wanting something similar for cheaper, this might actually be a good bet.


Source: MIC Gadget

  • dcj001

    If I were going to spend $64 for what is probably garbage, I would not mind spending $99 for Apple TV.

    Everyone should buy the real thing

  • henrymaxm

    If this would cost $10 alright, but as an alternative to an Apple TV I can just hack my computer, hook it up to my T.V. and I’m good to go.

  • Ed_Kel

    If you can’t afford to spend $40 more for the real thing, then you shouldn’t be buying one at all.

  • ActionableMango

    Not worth it. Considering the refurb Apple TV is $85, includes digital optical out, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, Pandora, etc., etc.

  • Aaron

    Playing devil’s advocate: The only thing that would make this box more appealing to me than the Apple TV is its ability (or inability?) to play MKV/DIVX files. A true DLNA client would be nice too.