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Twelve South HiRise Levels Up Your MacBook



I just switched from a giant, 27-inch iMac back to a little ol’ MacBook, and while my desk looks a lot bigger, my shoulders and neck hate me for it. What I might need, then, is the new HiRise for MacBooks from the fine folks at Twelve South. All it really does is raise the notebook up off the desk so you don’t get a crick in your neck from looking downwards all day long, but it does it with such style that it might just be worth the $70 asking price.

Especially if your whole reason for ditching a bigger computer is to make your office look cooler.

The benefits are manifold. Not only is the screen boosted up six inches, to optimal viewing height, but this also jacks it up to the level of any external monitors you might be using, making them eye-pleasingly aligned. It also allows for increased air flow should you have a hot-running machine, and can improve your chances of attracting a partner by 200% (this last “fact” is a lie).

Inspired by this post, I just propped my old aluminum MacBook up on an old plastic lampshade and paired it with my iMac’s old aluminum keyboard and trackpad. My wrists are saying thank you, but my eyes are cringing. Perhaps I should order a HiRise..?

Source: Twelve South