Mosaic Lets You Make Gorgeous, Stress-Free Photobooks From Your iPhone



With the holidays coming, maybe there’s no such thing as “too many photobook makers.” At least, that’s probably what Mixbook is banking on with their new Mosaic app, which lets you quickly create a hard-cover photobook for $20.

This one’s a little different though: Not only can you create and order your photobook with your iPhone, but the books are created with an unusual effect where photo thumbnails peek through windows in the book’s cover. Definitely  attention-grabbing.

The creation process is pretty cool too. Once you’ve selected 20 images from your photo library, the app creates a virtual photobook from the selection that you can leaf through; pick a black or white page background, elect to shuffle the cover images and you’re done. Mixbook guarantees delivery in four days.

Mosaic’s approach is one-size-fits-all — a seven-inch square book is the only size available (incidentally, those are the dimensions of San Francisco, which is just north of Mixbook’s Bay Area headquarters). Which makes sense, given Mosaic’s stress-free flavor.

  • CharilaosMulder

    Looks amazing, but still can’t find it in the Dutch app store.