The Ugliest Apple Product Ever Made [Image]


Despite its
Despite its "flower power" theme, the plastic used by early iMacs made them difficult to recycle.

Jony Ive and Steve Jobs made a lot of gorgeous Apple products together, but even they dropped a few duds. For proof, look no further than the image above: The Flower Power iMac.

Since it’s introduction in 1998, the first generation iMac received rave reviews for it’s beautiful design that featured a translucent plastic case. After a few years Apple starting getting crazy with the plastic casing and came up with the Flower Power version of the iMac and other variants. The Bondi Blue iMac was great, but the Flower Power iMac has to be Apple’s ugliest product of all-time.


Source: CNNMoney

  • uhmorphous

    “It’s” is a contraction of “it is.” I think you meant “its,” the possessive.

  • Lane Jasper

    Actually, I think this would have sold like crazy but I live in the Pacific Northwest where we still have hippies and they all hang out at coffee shops.

  • kavok

    I know quite a few women that loved this version of iMac. Exactly the demographic it was targeted at IMO.

  • appleOG36

    This is a question asked in many Hiring Seminars and through the first weeks of apple training. “What was the most popular color in original iMac?” Believe it or not the Flower Power one was a huge hit in the asian markets. This was the number one selling iMac

  • coffeebot

    This was kind of a strange article. What prompted it? It would have been nice if you’d gone further and made a list of the ugliest Apple products instead of just showing the one.

  • smooch

    Actually, it looks quite fetching against the white background, the way you have it framed. Ugly are the generic plastic business laptops a la Dell, Lenovo, and everybody else.

  • Gixxerthou04

    I must disagree. In my humble opinion, the Flower Power iMac was one of the most striking and beautiful designs ever offered in the original iMac. I can remember vividly when Steve announced the Blue Dalmatian and Flower Power iMacs and discussed in detail the intricate process of creating the layered effects inside the plastic housing of the iMac. To this day I have a poster mounted and framed in my office celebrating the Blue Dalmatian and Flower Power iMacs.