mCAMLITE Videography Case For iPhone 5



Just $124 will buy you the mCAMLITE, an aluminum case for your iPhone 5 which lets you attach all manner of photo and video accessories, as well as making it easier to hold.

No, this isn’t a stylish retro-camera case for fauxtographers, but it is a serious tool for photographers and videographers.

The aluminum case add wide/macro lens to the mix, as well as an external microphone (this plugs into the headphone jack) and a cold-shoe for slotting in lights, more mics or any number of camera accessories (external finders and so on). You’ll also find the edges arrayed with threaded tripod mounts.

Cool? Nope. Convenient? No way. A utilitarian and professional tool? Indubitably. Which is why it costs so much. Available now for your long, thin iPhone 5.

Source: Photography Bay