MapleStory Developer, Nexon, Brings Cute, Free To Play Space Tanks To iPhone and iPad



If you’ve played any of the MapleStory games on the web or iOS, you know Nexon. They’re an established developer of free-to-play online games for iOS, the web, and PC. Today the company announced the launch of another free-to-play iOS game, Space Tanks, for the iPad and iPhone. It’s Nexon’s 27th mobile title this year. Wow.

Space Tanks has lots of cute, manga-like characters in suits and little puffy-looking battle tanks. It has a fun little story and 6-player network battles across 16 different battlefields, named things like Oasis, Frostkeep Wells, Black Hole, and The Swamp. It supports the Retina display on iOS devices that have one, as well.

The game plays fairly simply using a directional button and weapon buttons, destroying all enemy tanks and exploding prize boxes to gather power ups and ammunition. There are camouflage and repair buildings you can drive by to get special powers and heal up your tank. Roll around each map, blowing up opponents and avoiding their weapons, pick up special items and finish in first place.

You can personalize your own tank, choosing from over 17 tank types with over 100 enhancements to add your own style to your tank battling fun. You can also create a personalized character avatar, as well, with tens of thousands of head and body combinations.

Nexon was founded in Korea in 1994, developing one of the first MMO games, Nexus: Kingdom of the Winds, a game that still runs today.

If you check out Space Tanks, let us know what you think in the comments, below.