Dongle Turns iPhone Into Remote-Controlled Perfume Pumper



Imagine that you are chatting to somebody on your iPhone. Now imagine that — at the touch of a button — you can cause a fragrance to squirt from their iPhone and into their unsuspecting nostrils. Amazingly, there is a device which will make this nightmare scenario real, and — of course — it comes from Japan.

It’s called ChatPerf, and it is a combination of add-on hardware and app. The dongle plugs into the 30-pin dock connector (this is the first warning sign: if your boyfriend/girlfriend is still using a pre-Lightning iPhone, you should probably dump them already) and can be remotely triggered to release a puff of fragrance.

As it that weren’t lame enough, it gets worse: Only one perfume can be puffed out at a time, and it has to be pre-loaded. And I can’t imagine how annoying it would be to try to hold a conversation with somebody while they kept honking the horn and squirting you in the side of the chin with Old Spice.

I can think of better uses, however. I have a friend, let’s call him Jimmy (because that’s his name). He’s a booksniffer, one of those folks who refuses to read ebooks because they don’t smell like paper, ink and industrial bookbinding glue. I envision a version of the Kindle app which could eject a dose of papery perfume with every virtual page turn to keep people like Jimmy happy.

Available now, for around $65.

Source: RocketNews24

Via: Andrew Liszewski