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Get Your Cute Monster Battle On With Free To Play iOS Game, Mo’ Monsters


Super. Cute.
Super. Cute.

It’s the weekend, and if you’re looking for a cute little romp through the monster-battling arena for some down time, Mo’ Monsters just went live. It’s a free to play game from Rumpus, a development studio out of San Francisco, and it’s fairly typical tap-tap-tap fare, with some cute characters and fun monster capturing mechanics in addition to the standard battling.

So, the basics here are tapping attack buttons in arena battles, choosing which “monster” to fight with (I chose the pig to start, because pigs), and then progressing through each map, gaining experience points which then evolve your monster to become bigger, better, and use more powerful capabilities. Along with the cute light monsters are dark monsters (also cute, if a bit more “monstrous”), who you can capture and add to your battling team.

Here’s a video to give you a taste:

The land you traverse is Noru, in which live a ton of cute light and dark creatures. There’s a big earthquake, which shakes up the peaceful home of the Light Monsters, bringing out the Dark Monsters. You’ll need to tap for regular attacks, tap at specific times to unleash more powerful attacks with status effects like Burn damage, and just generally save the towns and capture a metric backpack load of cute monsters.

Note that I’ve totally avoided saying anything about catching all the monsters that can fit in your pocket.

Of course, you’re able to purchase new monsters, potions, capture boxes, and there’s both coins and gems to further confuse the issue, but if you like to play fun cute games for free, you could do far worse. Mo’ Monsters is adorable and brightly colored, with just enough addictive gameplay in my few minutes with it to make me want more.

Mo’ Monsters is available now as a Universal app in the App Store for no monies at all. Hooray! Happy gaming!

Source: iTunes App Store