Apple’s EarPods Packing Is So Environmentally Friendly It Turns To Mush In Water [Video]


Once it's gone, it's gone.
Once it's gone, it's gone.

Apple’s efforts to be greener mean it boasts some of the most environmentally friendly gadgets on the planet. The new iPhone 5, for example, is one of the greenest smartphones money can buy. Apple also tries to make its packaging green. In fact, the packing for its new EarPods is so environmentally friendly that it turns to mush when you submerge it in water.

If you’re the kind of person who hates clutter, here’s a great way to get rid of the EarPods packaging that came with your new iPod. Simply fill a bowl with some warm water and submerge the packaging inside it. Within a few minutes, you’ll be left with nothing more than pulp.

It’s unclear exactly what the packaging is made up of, but Mashable believes that Apple used “renewable tapioca paper foam material,” a material used in iPhone packaging, according to its website.

This trick won’t work with the EarPods packaging that came with your iPhone 5, because that’s made of plastic. Besides, it’s designed to keep your EarPods protected while you’re traveling, so it’s probably best that it doesn’t disintegrate when it gets wet.

Source: Mashable

  • mr_bee

    This kind of tech has been available since the early 80’s. About half of the “packing peanuts” you see are made out of puffed corn-starch and will similarly dissolve. Any combination of “edible” starches will work, usually mixed in with a little paper pulp.

    It’s kind of an abomination that it took 30 years for this to be used by a major manufacturer really.