Apple Needs To Add These Useful Features To Spotlight In iOS 7 [Video]



I can’t remember the last time I really used Spotlight on iOS. I guess it’s cool. It brings up some pertinent stuff that you search for, but it’s not really a precise tool you can use with pinpoint accuracy, so most of the time it just gets neglected on most iPhones.

My fingers haven’t really been aching for a iOS Spotlight overhaul, but after watching this concept video by Cody Sanfilippo, I’m starting to believe there are a lot of great possibilities Apple needs to explore by heavily integrating apps into Spotlight. Just watch the concept video below to see all the cool things Apple could do to make Spotlight in iOS 7 truly amazing.

Source: YouTube

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8 responses to “Apple Needs To Add These Useful Features To Spotlight In iOS 7 [Video]”

  1. Shane Bryson says:

    Someone in the jailbreak community needs to take notice of this.

  2. ddevito says:

    Will won’t – they’re too conservative these days

  3. Daniel09DD says:

    Those icons on the bottom should be a little bigger, but that would waste the space that could be used to display the search results. However, this feature in the taller 4 inch display would be great.

  4. ElVox says:

    It looks great, except…it’d be useless for people like me, who has more than a few apps installed (200+ in my case)…but it’s a cute concept.

  5. Buster says:

    @ElVox actually, it sounds like it’d be perfect for someone like you. Not every app’s data would need to be accessible through Spotlight.

  6. Billy Bandersnatch says:

    Spotlight on iOS is really useful for enterprise users. Consumer iPhone users probably don’t really need it. Just because it doesn’t exactly work as you want it to doesn’t mean it has to change.

  7. Jerome Garot says:

    This is one of the best ideas I’ve seen for iOS

  8. AustinNewdick says:

    I think Siri does most of this already?

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