One System To Rule Them All – Send Growl Alerts To Mountain Lion’s Notification Center [OS X Tips]



So, you’re a longtime Growl user, and now you get some alerts from Growl, and a bunch of other ones from Notification Center, and your inner OCD-child just wishes it could all come through Notification Center? I mean, Growl 2 will send stuff right to Notification Center, anyway, so why not get a head start on the process?

With the help of a third-party app called MountainGrowl, you’ll be fashionably ahead of the curve once again, you hipster, you.

Make sure you have Growl installed, first of all. You can grab it from the Mac App Store if you don’t.

Head on over to the GitHub MountainGrowl page to read all about the app, then download it from the download page there.

The version I pulled down is 1.11, but depending on when you read this, just grab the latest version. Your Mac should un-zip the file all on its own, but if it doesn’t, double click on the file in your Downloads folder, or wherever you have your web browser send downloaded files.

Once downloaded, double click on the .growlview file and Growl should take care of adding the plugin. Growl will ask if you want to configure it, and you should say yes. Make sure you choose MountainGrowl as the default Style, and all Growl Notifications will now be sent through Notification Center.

Sweet, right? The developer, Ullrich, Schäfer, says the only downside is that “all the notifications are still sent by Growl, so they all show the Growl icon. I’m curious how Growl 2 will target that issue. Mountain Growl is showing the original application name in the subtitle though.”

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Via: Macworld Hints