Apple Now Selling Lightning To Micro USB Adapter For Europe


How much?!?!
How much?!?!

Following the unveiling of the iPhone 5 and a new family of iPods on Wednesday, Apple has begun selling a new Lightning to Micro USB adapter for customers in Europe. As its name suggests, the adaptor allows users to charge and sync their new iOS device using a Micro USB cable — in compliance with the rules laid out by European Commission.

The EC states that every phone now released in Europe must be chargeable via Micro USB — that’s why Apple released the 30-pin to Micro USB adapter for the iPhone 4S last year. Fortunately for the Cupertino company, that doesn’t mean that its devices must have a Micro USB port built-in, so it can still employ its own proprietary connector. But it does mean the company needs to provide an adapter — for which it charges £15/€19.

The adapter isn’t available in the U.S. Apple store, which will be disappointing to those of you who already own a stack of Micro USB cables, but I’m sure you’ll find them on eBay and other online stores in the coming weeks.


Via: SlashGear

  • RaptorOO7

    So why is it Apple won’t sell that adapter in the US. Seems rather anti-consumer given the sheer volume of micro USB cables we have here and that it would be far easier for users. But once again Apple won’t move.

  • Sean Shamus McCabe

    Such a bizarre law to me

  • Samoel

    Such a bizarre law to me

    Whats bizarre about it ?
    If you look up why that law exists, it should make perfect sense, if not, please enlighten me.

  • blacksmp

    It isn’t a law, it is an agreement between the industry and EU. And also the normal Apple USB-cable fulfills the requirement since it is considered to be an adapter.

  • djkikrome

    I hate how almost every device I have has a different USB connector. I have about 5 different cables in a drawer to use depending on the gadget. From a weird flip phone, to a child’s Leapster toy, to whatever. They all have different usb connectors and it’s just completely stupid that this wasn’t standardized from the beginning. Even my different Sanyo flip phones in the years past have used different USB ports with different models so that was a waste of cables from the same damn company. At least Apple stuck to the 30 Pin across all it’s different products. Sanyo drove me nuts with each new phone.

  • Chargethe5

    Hi all, I bulk bought some of these adapters here in the UK for friends in the US/Canada and have extras to sell so I’ve set up a little site. This Apple adapter is tiny and lightweight and is going to be so handy as I already carry a micro-USB cable to charge my bluetooth headset and other electronic bits. It really is a very small little adapter and it sits on top and means I can charge my phone too.

    Can’t wait to plug my new iPhone 5 into somebody’s Samsung charger when I need a top-up.

    See if you’d like to order one. I’m sending to the US/Canada daily.