High Quality Images Of iPhone 5 Dummy Showcase New Super Slim Design


Meet your next iPhone.
Meet your next iPhone.

Who needs Tim Cook to announce the next-generation iPhone when you have dummy devices leaking out of Taiwan that show exactly what it’s going to look like. Apple might as well just add it to the store already, right?

These high quality images showcase the iPhone 5’s new form factor, including its super slim display, its new back plate, and of course, its new dock connector.

Now, just to clarify, this dummy device doesn’t actually do anything. It’s not an iPhone 5 knockoff that runs Android, but rather a simple model that may have been used by a case manufacturer to build iPhone 5 cases ahead of the handset’s launch.

But it gives us a great idea of what the iPhone 5 will look like, and how it compares to its predecessors. The most notable changes here are the new dock connector, the repositioned headphone jack, and the new backplate. But if you look closely, you’ll also notice that this handset’s display is significantly thinner than that of the iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S.

That’s because the iPhone 5 is expected to boast a new display with in-cell touch technology, which means that the touch sensors are actually built into the screen. This negates the need for a dedicated digitizer, and means the display doesn’t have to be as thick.

Thanks to this technology, the iPhone 5 is expected to measure just 7.6mm thin. That’s 1.7mm thinner than the iPhone 4S, which is already pretty slim.

Source: iMore

  • Richard Ellis

    Hmmmm, something is not quite right about the font and kerning of the iPhone text printed on the back of this so called dummy device..!

  • Gabriel Zamora

    I don’t know, but I have my doubts about these leaked iPhone 5 photos Ive been seeing around. Like Richard Ellis said the iPhone text printed on the back looks not quite right.
    I remember Tim Cook talking about ‘double down security’ so to me its just crazy that we’ve had pictures of the iPhone 5 for so long.. it would be awesome if this were just a prototype they released just to throw people off and then tomorrow release a whole different phone. I REALLY HOPE ITS A BETTER ONE!

  • KillianBell

    Hmmmm, something is not quite right about the font and kerning of the iPhone text printed on the back of this so called dummy device..!

    But that’s to be expected. This wasn’t made by Apple — it’s a dummy made by a third-party.

  • FragilityG4

    Hmmm I’m not sure about this one because there’s a part in the dock connector when all current images of the cables show one male end that would fit into a female end either way. This is not consistent with what we’ve seen thus far.

  • longvic

    This is not an Apple product. This is a POS….

  • kavok

    I don’t think this is even a dummy device for case manufacturing. If you look at the screws around the docking port, they show that the thing was painted with silver paint. It isn’t metal at all. Someone probably used a 3D printer and extruded a model from what they’ve been seeing online. Someone looking for their 15 minutes of fame. Nothing to see here. Move along.

  • ddevito

    If this is what it will be (to a degree of course) it really won’t be that thin, compared to the new Android handsets.

  • Matthew Gonzales Landry

    Can’t anybody read? The article clearly states that the device is not working, but just a model for case-makers and the like to get their accessories out.

  • itskittibitch

    I’m hoping the real iPhone 5 doesn’t actually look like this. I’ve seen these pictures floating around for a long time and they’re really not all that impressive. My iPhone 4 looks 100 times better.