Don’t Expect Any New Apple TVs This Year



Apple’s been working to make the Apple TV “more than a hobby” for a long, long time now, but it looks like it won’t happen this year, with a new report saying that a new Apple TV — whether a full HDTV or a new set-top box with content deals from the cable system — definitely won’t happen this year.

About a month ago, The Wall Street Journal reported that Apple was in talks with the biggest U.S. cable operators that would let them use their Apple TVs to stream live television and other content.

Bloomberg now reports that those talks don’t seem to be going well, with a source familiar with the company’s plans saying Apple “won’t be releasing a new TV product this year.”

Mostly, it appears that the cable operators — having learned a lesson about what happened to the music and telecom industries when they negotiated with Apple — don’t want to let Apple into the living room on anything but onerous terms, and Apple would rather not release a mediocre, crippled product (a la the GoogleTV) instead of revolutionizing it.

Source: Bloomberg

  • matrix3D

    I’m assuming by “cable operators” you mean “cable networks.” If by “cable operators” you’re talking about the likes of Comcast, Time Warner, etc. then why in the world would Apple even be talking with them? They should be talking directly with the networks themselves.

  • James Logan

    I wasn’t expecting a new Apple TV. I am content with the one that recently came out. 1080p and streams what I like. However it would be nice to get some more options on there, but thats in the OS. I wasn’t really jumping for joy about the large TV model idea, pricey!

  • Zeteboy

    All I want is a web browser on my ATV3. How hard could that be?????

  • RaptorOO7

    I wasn’t expecting to see an updated device or a TV from Apple this year. As for cable companies or content providers playing ball, forget about it . . . they saw what Apple did with Music and they will never cede control or ground to them. Too bad for us since TV is a rip off as it is today. I hardly watch the channels I get and the ones I do watch are bundled with the crap I could care less about.

    Perhaps AMC should strike a deal with Apple to allow real time streaming of their shows since Dish Network yanked those channels and I am missing out on my shows. Pisses me off.

  • Jennien1

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