Steve Jobs Is Kickin’ It In The Afterlife As A Mid-Level Angel In His Celestial Palace, Says Thai Abbot


Artist's interpretation of Steve Jobs' celestial palace in the afterlife.
Artist's interpretation of Steve Jobs' celestial palace in the afterlife.

Where is Steve Jobs right now? According to the abbot of a Buddhist temple in Thailand, Apple’s iconic co-founder has been re-incarnated as a mid-level angel currently residing in an ethereal six-storey building located not far from his Apple office in a parallel world. He is also a half-giant.

The claim was made on the official website of the Wat Phra Dhammakaya in Thailand’s Panthum Thani province in an article called “Where Is Steve Jobs?” which aims to answer questions about Jobs’s afterlife.

Since Steve Jobs was a Buddhist for most of his life, and even wanted to be a Buddhist priest at one point, the abbot of Wat Phra Dhammakaya says that he was able to meditate upon Steve Jobs’ fate to determine exactly where in the after-life the Apple co-founder was now.

According to Abbot Phrathepyanmahamuni, Steve Jobs is now a “a half Witthayathorn, half Yak.” A ‘yak’ is the Thai word for giant, while a Witthayathorn is a type of angel who loves to seek knowledge in various sciences. According to the abbot, Jobs has retained his famous hot temper even in the afterlife.

Steve Jobs is apparently being well taken care of this turn of the wheel. He is supposedly living in a heavenly palace the size of a six-storey building, which is constructed of silver metal and crystal glass. This place is located on a parallel world that, if overlaid upon our own sphere of existence, would be located within Cupertino.

According to the Bangkok Post, who originally discovered and helped translate the article, one might want to take the temple’s claims about Steve Jobs’ place in the afterlife with a karmic grain of salt: Wat Phra Dhammakaya has apparently been embroiled in controversy in its native Thailand over its dubious claims of miracles and the ethics of its donation campaigns.

Wat Phra Dhammakaya is also allowing themselves some wiggle room in regards to completely standing by Steve Jobs’ current celestial status, saying that the article is not meant to defame or insult third-parties, but is instead mostly intended to teach the law of karma to Dhammakaya followers.

Via: Bangkok Post
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  • mr_bee

    Crazy people are crazy. Nothing new here.

  • donaldachieve

    Dhammakaya is Cancer of Buddhism .. Don’t believe it.!! Its abbot is “heretic” monk who want only money nothing more than that!

  • donaldachieve

    Dhammakaya is Cancer of Buddhism .. Don’t believe it.!! Its abbot is “heretic” monk who want only money nothing more than that!

  • Timothy Williamson

    In other words, Steve is going to spend an eternity living in a 6-story Apple store. :-D

  • prajya
  • Wakin Thangkulawat
    This articles will give you some pictures about the hidden commercial purpose behind this crazy idea.

  • Manuelodi1

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  • kafaak

    I spent some time and finally got an email address of that Apple engineer. I sent him an email asking whether he did ask the abbot. He replied “I did convey the question to the abbot about a year ago”. That shocked me.

    However, he didn’t mention anything about Steve Jobs being mid-level angel and all. Well, the website (DMC) says that it’s up to the audience to believe or not.

  • kol

    The basic for happy life….think positive

  • prajya
  • ekk1234

    This is not really a Buddhist temple.They have their own believes in supernatural power and make things up to persuade their own people for business purposes; for example, the more money you pay, the closer you are to heaven. They put a lot of money on advertising and marketing. You will hear so many things you could never imagine. They lie and do everything for money. The previous abbot got arrested years ago and the news revealed he owned more than $30 million dollars (100 million Baht) while, practically, Thai monks are not allowed to touch or get involved with money.)

  • Pong

    According to the below link, should we call the cult of Wat Phra Dhammakaya in Thailand as Buddhism anymore??
    One of the distinguished co-founder of Wat Phra Dhammakaya, reveals that when the followers are infatuated deeply, the abbot will teach the special secret teachings that he is an avatar of the original source of Dharma like a creator God who creates everything in the universe. If he has more and more adherents, he will have the power to subdue the daemon in the land of Nirvana.
    This esoteric doctrine is similar to the cult groups believes in the creator God or Theistic religion. It is not the teachings of Buddha. Should we call this cult as Buddhism or not?!? because the “Buddhism” is translated as “the teachings of Buddha,” It would rather be called “Chaiyaboon’s cult” that means “a group of followers who believes the teachings of Chaiyaboon.” (Chaiyaboon, the leader of Wat Phra Dhammak?ya has got his monk name as ‘Phra Dhammajayo’)
    see more at
    Download full article from Journal of Buddhist Ethics:

  • Pong

    p.491 ..Phra Dhammajayo, the leader of Wat Phra Dhammak?ya, stated that he was actually the Phra Ton Th?d Ton Tham (The Creator of all things in universe) who commanded Phra Monkhol-thep-muni to lead the Cosmic Army in the Final War. Realizing that Phra Monkhol-thep-muni could not finish his assignment,9 he himself reincarnated to lead the Troops of the Dharma in the final cosmic battle.
    The theology of Wat Phra Dhammak?ya is a revolution in Theravada Buddhism, transforming it into a theological religion. It shifts the paradigm of reality towards a collective enlightenment in which the whole of cosmic existence is the battlefield between the Sons of Light, the Bright Dhammak?yas, against the Sons of Darkness, the Dhammak?yas of Darkness or M?ras. To be a Buddha, according to the Dhammak?ya meditation, is no longer a difficult task, as it is commonly understood in mainstream Therav?da Buddhism; it is seen as a small issue compared to the aim of the Founder of Dhammak?ya meditation, which is to liberate the entire sa?s?ra in his life through the Victory of the Dhammak?yas in the Last Cosmic Battle of the Universe.
    see more at
    Download full article from Journal of Buddhist Ethics:

  • Pong

    p.502 ..It is not surprising that the whole generation of Thais born after 1940 would be impressed by Hitler. Thailand teamed up with Japan and Nazi Germany during WWII and declared war against the U.S. and the U.K. In Thailand, several biographies of the great people of the world have included Hitler and Mussolini. In the 1960’s, a young Chaiboon Sitthiphon was a keen reader of the biographies of all these great men and women; but Hitler was a special person for him. Not only did they share almost the same date of birth (Hitler was born on April 21; Dhammajayo, April 22), both of them started off with nothing before they rose to their power.
    Moreover, the Venerable Dhammajayo explained that Hitler was a part of a major cosmic wave of reincarnations of Dhammak?yas from the Nibb?na of the Light to change the world, dispatched by Phra Ton-th?d.