Steve Jobs Is Kickin’ It In The Afterlife As A Mid-Level Angel In His Celestial Palace, Says Thai Abbot


Artist's interpretation of Steve Jobs' celestial palace in the afterlife.
Artist's interpretation of Steve Jobs' celestial palace in the afterlife.

Where is Steve Jobs right now? According to the abbot of a Buddhist temple in Thailand, Apple’s iconic co-founder has been re-incarnated as a mid-level angel currently residing in an ethereal six-storey building located not far from his Apple office in a parallel world. He is also a half-giant.

The claim was made on the official website of the Wat Phra Dhammakaya in Thailand’s Panthum Thani province in an article called “Where Is Steve Jobs?” which aims to answer questions about Jobs’s afterlife.

Since Steve Jobs was a Buddhist for most of his life, and even wanted to be a Buddhist priest at one point, the abbot of Wat Phra Dhammakaya says that he was able to meditate upon Steve Jobs’ fate to determine exactly where in the after-life the Apple co-founder was now.

According to Abbot Phrathepyanmahamuni, Steve Jobs is now a “a half Witthayathorn, half Yak.” A ‘yak’ is the Thai word for giant, while a Witthayathorn is a type of angel who loves to seek knowledge in various sciences. According to the abbot, Jobs has retained his famous hot temper even in the afterlife.

Steve Jobs is apparently being well taken care of this turn of the wheel. He is supposedly living in a heavenly palace the size of a six-storey building, which is constructed of silver metal and crystal glass. This place is located on a parallel world that, if overlaid upon our own sphere of existence, would be located within Cupertino.

According to the Bangkok Post, who originally discovered and helped translate the article, one might want to take the temple’s claims about Steve Jobs’ place in the afterlife with a karmic grain of salt: Wat Phra Dhammakaya has apparently been embroiled in controversy in its native Thailand over its dubious claims of miracles and the ethics of its donation campaigns.

Wat Phra Dhammakaya is also allowing themselves some wiggle room in regards to completely standing by Steve Jobs’ current celestial status, saying that the article is not meant to defame or insult third-parties, but is instead mostly intended to teach the law of karma to Dhammakaya followers.

Via: Bangkok Post
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