$25 Buys You $50 At Incase [Deals-Ends Today!]



Unique deal here today. For $25 you get to spend $50 at incase. If you’re a Mac, iPhone, or iPad owner you’ve probably seen (or own) some incase before. The Apple Store stocks their gear, so do most other places who sell Apple gear. Why?


I own several things from incase, including a bag that I’ve abused but still looks great. And funny that we should be talking about incase, because Charlie Sorrel just highlighted an incase product in his recent blogging from the iPad post—the incase Origami Workstation.

This deal ends today! Seriously get it. The Origami Case is as awesome as I thought!

Back to the deal for a moment. Here are some important details:

  1. You spend $25 and that turns into $50 on the incase store.
  2. This deal is only for three days

Now let’s talk about that Origami Workstation.

Like Charlie, I prefer to carry my iPad around instead of my laptop. I can carry a smaller bag, fewer extras, and I think it looks pretty cool to sit with an iPad can getting <bleep> done. Myself, while I prefer the Apple Wireless Keyboard, I actually carry one of the chicklet style keyboard-case combos. Why? Because I don’t have a good, safe, way to cary that keyboard around. Well, until now.

See right after I finish posting this, I’m buying this deal so I can get the Origami Workstation for myself.

The Origami Workstation, like all the incase products (I had no idea how many different things they make until I checked out the site to find the Origami), is just smart, simple, and elegant. First it’s a case to safely hold and carry your Wireless Keyboard. Which is nifty. But the double-plus good part is that once opened the case folds into a stable iPad stand that let’s you keep your iPad in its case while using it!

This is just one of the products incase makes (I really dig their iPhone cases too…I’ve used a bunch) so spend $25 here and grab $50 of stuff there.


  • bugi1960

    I got the case a few years ago it was a POS. The tabs came unglued rendering it pretty much useless.

  • grahamj

    The fine print says this is only available to the US. Is that right? It’s a promo code, what difference does it make where I live?

  • grahamj


  • Manuelodi1

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  • grahamj

    Thanks for keeping up with your comments. I guess I’ll pass.

  • Scott Townsend

    Loved the incase slider case for iPhone 4, the wife and I bought about ten of them in various colors off ebay and they were all excellent. But then we discovered Elago, so much nicer for the same price, and both the black and white colors match iPhone’s native colors perfectly. Check them out at elagostore.com.