Play More Than 100 Classic Nintendo Games In Your iPhone’s Web Browser Without Jailbreaking


Well... they're almost playable.
Well... they're almost playable.

With Nintendo adamant it’ll never bring its games to iOS, the only way to enjoy your favorite titles on your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad is to jailbreak your device and download an emulator. But that’s no longer the case. You can now enjoy more than 100 NES and Game Boy games in your iPhone’s web browser.

As noted by iDownloadBlog, someone has taken it upon themselves to to build an HTML5 website called iGBC, which is packed full with classic Nintendo games that can be enjoyed through almost any mobile browser. It includes some of the most popular Nintendo titles, including Bomberman, Donkey Kong, Kirby’s Dream Land, Pokemon, and of course, Super Mario.

But as you may have predicted, it does come with some caveats. First, it’s not the smoothest gameplay you’ll ever experience. In fact, some titles are are so slow that they’re unplayable. However, other titles like Tetris play… okay, while Pokemon Red plays relatively well — and even saves your progress.

But it’s unclear how long this will stick around. While the games cannot be downloaded, it’s almost certainly illegal to have them online for anyone to play, and so there’s a good chance the site will disappear once Nintendo’s lawyers become wise to it.

Nevertheless, it’s pretty fun while it’s (almost) working. It’s certainly worth checking out, even if its just to experience a few minutes of your favorite childhood game.

Source: iGBC

Via: iDownloadBlog

  • kylerotting

    aaaaaand its gone

  • stsh

    I personally don’t get it when loudmouth iPhone enthusiasts talk about how iPhone is the greatest portable game device ever and that Nintendo’s portable systems are useless, while in cases like this openly coveting Nintendo games and going to all sorts of lengths to play them illicitly on their non-Nintendo devices.

    Not that I think the author is one of those loudmouths. I know its not most iPhone enthusiasts who do this, but it happens often enough in the comment boxes of Nintendo 3DS related videos on some tech sites that I’ve gotten used to used to it.

  • kylerotting

    link is bad, the site address is:

  • assyrianpride

    No it’s not gone I was just on there

  • assyrianpride

    Wario land was unplayable and Tetris really sucked I didn’t bother trying any of the others