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Aviiq’s All-In-One USB Cable Will Charge Almost Anything



Aviiq’s new “Quick Charge Universal Dock Adapter” is a handy three-in-one charger cable featuring miniUSB, microUSB and a 30-pin dock connector, all connected permanently to a regular-sized USB plug on the other end. Yes, it’ll cost you $30, but then again, you’ll never, ever leave an essential cable at home again.

The QCUDA, as I shall call it, works a lot like a cowboy’s spurs, only instead of a spinning metal star meant for jabbing the flanks of a horse, it has a spinning set of plugs ready for juicing the batteries of your various gadgets. Just turn the end section and your connector of choice will snap into place.

The whole thing is just 5.5-inches long, and having the adapters all joined together means that you only have to remember to pack one cable whether you’re going on vacation or just heading to the office.

The QCUDA is based on the separate Aviiq’s Ready Clips which I reviewed and found to be a little flimsy. Hopefully these will be a little better made.