We Talk iPhone 5s In September And Dell-Inspired Mac Ads On Our Newest CultCast



A new iPhone cometh, my friends, and sooner than you think! Find out all we know about Apple’s rumored September 12th media event on our newest CultCast, and what special goodies they will be revealing unto the world that fine, fine day.

Then — it’s been the talk of the Applesphere — those controversial new Mac ads the big A unleashed during the olympic games. Love’em or hate ’em, we’ll tell you why we’ve been less than thrilled, and so will our special guest, former Apple ad guy and long time Jobs’ collaborator, Ken Segall.

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  • Andrew Newsome

    I really like listening to you guys! You should just make your shows 1 hour as standard. They are never 30 minutes, and 30 minutes would be too short anyway. 1 hour is a good time.

  • BigLama

    Love the show I always am eagerly waiting for the next podcast to come out!
    On related to your conversation, i think that even if apple doesnt come out with a radical new design and all we get is a bigger screen, i think mere fact of what apples software is in the iphone is much better than a a fancy new device that doesnt work.
    Id rather have a device that is amazing at what it does and have a semi boring look to it, than have an amazing design but have it be useless.