‘Franc’ iPhone Wallet Case Is Most Minimal Yet


The Franc, pronounced 'fronk.'

This is the Franc, a clever, minimal iPhone wallet which the maker Chris Anderson (no, not that Chris Anderson) inexplicably pronounces as “fronk,” in some crazy attempt at a French accent I guess.

Despite this oral boo-boo, the Fronk itself appears to be a rather desirable Kickstarter project.

The Fronk consists of a pair of rubbery c-shaped brackets which slip onto the iPhone 4/S and provide a little space at the back for credit cards, while obscuring precisely 0% of the screen. The idea is that you can quickly clip in the cards and keep the whole lot in one pocket.

Clearly Anderson designed the Fronk to live in a world without cash i.e. the U.S. Normal countries which still use paper money and coins will probably find the Fronk less useful, including — with some irony — France.

Want one? Then grab that credit card from your bulky, spine-twisting leather billfold and cough up $25. Anderson says that the manufacturing is ready to go, so this Kickstarter project is really little more than a pre-order.

Source: Kickstarter

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7 responses to “‘Franc’ iPhone Wallet Case Is Most Minimal Yet”

  1. Michel Recondo says:

    that’s nice. when you get your phone stolen, the money goes along:)

  2. AndyInRichmond says:

    “This is the Franc, a clever, minimal iPhone wallet”
    Your making me laugh, thanks!

  3. mr_bee says:

    “Fronk” is the closest English spelling that indicates how you would pronounce it in French. I don’t see what the confusion is.

    Autocorrect will even try to change “Fronk” to “Franc” for cripes sake.

  4. dcj001 says:

    “Chris Anderson inexplicably pronounces [the product] as “fronk…” “Franc” is a French word. The name of the product has been given the French pronunciation. Some Americans are not knowledgeable of the French language. But they still pronounce French words, like “rendezvous,” as the French would.

    What is inexplicable is why Mr. Sorrel repeatedly spelled the name of the product “F-r-o-n-k,” when he appears to know that the name of the product is Franc.

  5. Stuka_UK says:

    I wouldn’t want to put that in my trouser pocket.

  6. Tapownoi says:

    Is it nice for making credit card useless due to magnetic field damage magnet band?

  7. ChrisAnderson says:

    Thanks for checking out my project! @Tapownoi: I have been using the franc for a few months now and have had absolutely zero issues with de-magnetization or interference from the iPhone.

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