JaJa iPad Stylus Works Without Wires, Wi-Fi Or Bluetooth


Under pressure: The JaJa turns your iPad into a digital sketchbook.


If Crocodile Dundee had been a digital artist instead of a hardened Aussie hunter, and if you had pulled your iPad stylus out in the middle of a heated argument somewhere in NYC, then he would have said this:

“Call that a stylus? That’s not a stylus… This is a stylus.”

And then pulled out the JaJa, an iPad stylus that is not only pressure-sensitive (with 1024 levels), but manages to communicate its intent to your iPad without a cable, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or any other radio protocol. How the hell do it work?

No, not magnets. The JaJa uses sound. This successfully-funded Kickstarter project (on actual, real, pay-for-it-and get-one-sent-to-you sale from August) communicates with the iPad using high-frequency sound. This lets compatible apps work like desktop apps work with a Wacom tablet: press harder and you get a thicker, heavier line and so on.

What’s more, the JaJa costs just $90. Not super cheap, but compared to a Wacom tablet and a Mac, it’s a steal. One of these should soon be winging its way to Cult of Mac’s Spain HQ for testing and review purposes, so I’ll be able to let you know just how well it works, but if it is as good as promised, then the iPad just got turned into a serious artists tool, for under $100.

Source: HEX3

Thanks: Brian!