Apple Doesn’t Need To Advertise For Samsung – Yet


Judge Birss thinks the Galaxy Tab just isn't as cool. We agree.
Judge Birss thinks the Galaxy Tab just isn't as cool. We agree.

Today, a London court granted Apple’s proposal to postpone a controversial order given earlier this month that Apple must post a public notice on Apple UK website as well as several British newspapers. The reprieve will remain in effect until October, when Apple will have a chance to appeal the decision in a British courtroom.

Last month, Judge Colin Birss issued an order that required Apple to post the notice that Samsung’s Galaxy tablets do not infringe on the iPad’s design patents. This was based on the Judge’s considered opinion that the Galaxy Tab just wasn’t as cool as an iPad. The notice itself was to link from the home page of all European websites for an entire year, and be published in Financial Times, the Daily Mail, the Guardian, Mobile Magazine, and T3 magazine, according to AllThingsD, with specifications as to font size and page placement (no smaller than Arial 14, and before page 6, if you’re wondering).

Whether or not you agree with Judge Birss’ commentary or his sentence, at least Apple will have a chance to convince the UK court more thoroughly in the fall, without having to actually buy ad space or, as one Apple representative put it, advertise for Samsung.

Source: AllThingsD
Via: Apple Insider

  • ddevito

    What bullshit. You can’t force a company to advertise for your competition on their own website. This judge is a mental case fandroid fanboy.

    Ha hA he’s my hero. :p