Duplicate, Move, And Rename Files Right In The Title Bar With Mountain Lion [OS X Tips]


Rename In Title Bar

Renaming files in OS X is a fairly simple affair. Simply click a file name to select it, then click again (don’t double click!) to make the name editable. However, when you’re working with a file in your favorite app, a trip to the finder to rename it, or a trip to the Duplicate function may not fit within your workflow. It’s also just annoying. Why not just mess with the file directly from the file itself. Say,t he title bar? Well, in Mountain Lion, you can.

I’m assuming here you’ve upgraded to the latest and greatest operating system from Apple, so I’ll save the wordy “how to” for a different post.

Open any file, either with a double click in the Finder, or an Open File menu choice in any app. I’ll use Preview and an image file for this example. In the title bar, hover your mouse over the right hand side of the file name. Notice the little triangle? Click it and a menu will drop down. Woah!

The resulting menu will have an option to Rename the file right there, which is fantastic. In addition, you can Move your file, either to iCloud (so convenient!) or anywhere else you can navigate to from your computer, like, say, Dropbox or a network drive. Finally, you can Duplicate your file, which is the sort of backwards “Save As” feature that originated in OS X Lion.

This is a really file-centric way of managing things on your Mac, and it may change a lot of our personal workflows over the next few months.

Are you using OS X Mountain Lion? Got a tip you want to share with us? Drop me a line or leave a comment below.

Source: Apple Insider

  • micahherstand

    Any idea when/if this is coming to GarageBand?

  • CZtech

    Doesn’t seem to work with Office 2011 Mac. Trying to rename PPT files, nothing at all happens if I hover on the title.