Fox Films Now Available Via iTunes Movies In The Cloud


imghorton hears a who1

Various iCloud users are reporting that 20th Century Fox movies are now available for re-download via iTunes in the cloud. As Cult of Mac reported mid-March, Universal and Fox studios weren’t able to close a deal with Apple for iCloud availability due to licensing conflicts with HBO.

Universal Studios content was released for iCloud availability soon after, in April. Now it’s Fox Studios’ turn.

A promise was by HBO in a statement to the Wall Street Journal, which essentially said that while HBO would retain control over exclusive release windows, for which it pays “hundreds of millions of dollars a year,” but would loosen restrictions for content to be viewed on other devices, provided users already owned the content. It also mentioned that Universal and Fox movies would reach resolution within weeks. Over a month and a half later, we now have both studios available on iCloud. Bravo!

9 to 5 Mac reports several tips that Fox movies are showing up as available for iCloud download. Says reporter, Seth Weintraub: “Sure enough, Fox’s Horton Hears a Who is right there on my kid’s iTunes account.”

If you’ve purchased Fox movies and can see them in your Purchased Items iTunes account area, let us know in the comments below. It’s good to know that, while it took a bit of time, we can now all view the movies we’ve already paid for on any iTunes in the cloud enabled devices. The future (the one with us watching movies and TV shows anywhere we have an iPad or iPhone, not the jet pack one) just got one step closer.

Via: 9 to 5 Mac
Image: Swotti