We could get brand new movies on-demand in under a year


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It might not be too long before you can get brand new movies on services like iTunes.
Photo: Apple

According to the studio head of 20th Century Fox, a deal allowing customers to watch movies in their own home just weeks after they’ve debuted in theaters is likely to be finalized in the next 6-12 months — with prices set at “less than $50.”

Up until now, media companies like Apple have been pushing for some kind of premium on-demand deal, but negotiations have been slow due to studios dragging their feet. However, at this week’s Bank of America Merrill Lynch media conference in Los Angeles, Fox studio boss Stacey Snider says that finally talks, “have started to coalesce around a concept.”

Vince Vaughn uses stock photo gag to promote Unfinished Business


Vince Vaughn and the Apex Select Team. Photo: 20th Century Fox/iStock by Getty Images
Vince Vaughn and the Apex Select Team. Photo: 20th Century Fox/iStock by Getty Images

Just look at this team. Their faces read, “Close the deal, you won’t regret it.”

A good stock photo makes you believe, a bad one makes you laugh. But when you recognize the team leader is Vince Vaughn, his smoldering confidence projects that good laughs lie ahead.

To promote his upcoming comedy Unfinished Business, 20th Century Fox used iStock by Getty Images to create a series of stock photos, featuring Vaughn and co-stars Dave Franco and Tom Wilkinson, to promote the film. Unlike the bad stock photos that cost money, these are available for editorial use for free.

Fox Films Now Available Via iTunes Movies In The Cloud


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Various iCloud users are reporting that 20th Century Fox movies are now available for re-download via iTunes in the cloud. As Cult of Mac reported mid-March, Universal and Fox studios weren’t able to close a deal with Apple for iCloud availability due to licensing conflicts with HBO.

Universal Studios content was released for iCloud availability soon after, in April. Now it’s Fox Studios’ turn.