KwikDock Deserves A Place On Your Desktop


Cheap, useful and good-looking: The KwikDock.



Sick of plugging and unplugging cables from your MacBook Pro every time you get back to your desk? Hate wasting one of the two USB ports just to keep your iPhone connected? And finally: don’t want to spring for a $1,000 Thunderbolt Display?

Then the KwikDock might be right up your alley: It’s a simple (and cheapish) pass-through dock with some handy extras.

The KwikDock takes advantage of the fact that the ports on the MacBook Pros (except the new Retina model) are all on one side of the computer, and all spaced the same, no matter whether you own the 13, 15 or monstrous 17-inch versions.

The dock arrays male plugs that engage the USB ports, the display/Thunderbolt connector, plus FireWire and Ethernet ports. On the other side are female versions of same, into which your peripherals can remain permanently plugged.

In addition to this convenience, there’s an iPhone/iPod dock up top, an extra USB port on the front, and a cable holder for your MagSafe connector.

All this comes for just $80, which isn’t far off the price of a USB hub and an iPhone dock bought separately. The KwikDock will be available this summer.

Source: KwikDock

Thanks: Graeme!