Pear Dongle Turns Any Dock Into An AirPlay Receiver


Hey! Nice pair.. uh... Pear.



This is the Pear, and it might just be one of the most useful iPhone accessories yet devised. It’s a little, puck-like Bluetooth receiver that is designed to slot into any speaker dock and free your iOS device from its needy clutches.

The Pear comes from Brendan P. Kelso, a magnificently-named Kickstarterer. The tiny dongle is powered by the speaker dock itself, which lets it indulge in the whimsy of a glowing pear logo. The Pear appears (ap-pear-s – see what I did there?) as a regular Bluetooth source and is therefore accessible to any app that uses Airplay.

The Pear is squarely in the why-didn’t-anyone-think-of-this-before category, and it’s also in the so-cheap-why-wouldn’t-you-buy-it? camp. At just $40 its cheaper than many other Bluetooth receivers, and requires neither recharging nor a power plug.

I’m totally in. Or I would be, if I had anything that uses a dock – all my speakers already have Bluetooth already these days. Want one? Then get over to Kickstarter and pitch. Sadly, Brendan chose the long, long two-month option for his project, so even though it is already half way funded you’re going to have to wait a while.

Source: Kickstarter