Why The iPad Wins Despite The Cheap Sex Appeal In Other Tablet Ads [Video]


Toshiba can sleaze it up all they want. If you don't show why customers should want your tablet, they won't buy it.
Toshiba can sleaze it up all they want. If you don't show why customers should want your tablet, they won't buy it.

Despite all the talk about Android, Windows, and other tablets being iPad killers and expected to steal both consumer and business market share from Apple, not one has managed to make a real dent in the iPad’s dominance – particularly in the business space.

There are, of course, plenty of factors that I could point to and say “this is why the iPad is still number one” – IT folks know how to secure and manage iPads, there’s a single form factor, there’s a great selection of apps. I could go on, but one of the biggest reasons Apple that retains the market share that it does has nothing to do with specs, brand loyalty, app choices, or integration with existing enterprise systems.

As this absurd  and rather sleazy ad for a Toshiba Windows tablet makes obvious, virtually all Android, BlackBerry, and Windows device commercials don’t tell me anything about what a device can actually do for me.


What makes this even more absurd is that this is an ad pimping a business and enterprise device (and I do think pimping is the only accurate word to use here). It doesn’t tell me anything – specs, Active Directory integration, management capabilities, battery life, connectivity options, or anything else. It just reuses some buzz words like security, mobility, and adaptability.

It’d be one thing if this was a single ad and there were dozens of ads from Toshiba, Motorola, Samsung, and other manufacturers that delivered truly useful information. The truth, however, is that every iPad competitor from the Motorola Xoom through the BlackBerry PlayBook and HP Touch Pad to this Toshiba ad seem to take pains to avoid telling me how a non-Apple tablet could actually benefit me.

Apple, on the other hand, uses each iPad ad to show me something new and exciting that the iPad can do. Apple typically does this by letting iPad apps take center stage. That’s a brilliant strategy because it shows off the versatility and practicality of the iPad in a way that very few other techniques could. Quite frankly, it just baffles me that every iPad and iPhone competitor seems intent on doing the complete opposite.

Source: Buzzfeed

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Image: Toshiba

  • Kenton Presbrey

    It’s pretty stupid at this point in time for a company to claim whatever garbage tablet they are releasing is going to be a an “iPad Killer.” Seems like every company who has spoken those words has been doomed.


    I’ve lived in Japan for nearly 18 years and I can tell you flat out that this is most assuredly NOT targeted at Japan or any other Asian market. It was clearly created by a demented Westerner, assuming this is even an official ad at all. It looks more like a joke than a real ad though. For truly, how many companies in this sue-happy world would advocate revenge on another person’s car by spray paint?

  • baby_Twitty

    This ad seems to be targeting the Asian market. The Japanese, Chinese and Koreans eat this shit alive, so it’s no wonder they’ve used a busty Asian woman in this one. All that’s missing is a Japanese game show where the chicks attempt ridiculous stunts without clothes.

    This ad was made for Canada region. Dumb a$$

  • Stuka_UK


  • Alfiejr

    geeze, what a dumb prude. the ad is a send-up, a SNL-style parody. sure, it is bad taste. so often is SNL. if they run the ad with that show (or several such others), it’s just fine, not “sleazy.”

    does it work as advertising? well, it will get the attention of most male executives, yes. might be the only time the word “Toshiba” ever registers with them. can’t hurt.

    Lucy can charge up my iPad anytime.