Wow Your Family And Friends – Create A Slideshow In iPhoto [OS X Tips]



Look, showing your vacation photos to friends and family is a time honored tradition. That doesn’t mean that you have to be boring about it. With a few easy steps, some photos, and iPhoto for Mac OS X, you can create some really nice slideshows to make your audience ooh, ahh, and perhaps even applaud. Here’s how.

Open iPhoto, and highlight a group of photos you’d like to create a slideshow out of. You can click on a consecutive bunch of photos by holding the Shift key down and clicking ont he first and last photo in the series. Alternately, you can hold the Command key down and click all the photos you want in the slideshow willy nilly. Either way, you’ll have a bunch of photos selected and ready to pretty up.

Next, click on the Add To button in the toolbar. A little pop up menu will appear; click Slideshow to tell iPhoto you want to create one. Then, click on the big plus botton that says New Slideshow. iPhoto will arrange the selected photos into a linear slideshow and place the date the photos were taken in a title on the first photo. You’ve got your basics done. Now it’s time to tweak and adjust your way to the stunning audio visual experience you’ve always wanted.

Click once into the dated title and give it a nice one, like “My Amazing Trip To Siberia,” or whatnot. Next, click on the Themes button in the lower right hand corner of the iPhoto window. There are 12 different themes to choose from, so try a few out before deciding on the right one for you. Click on the Music button just next to the Themes button, and pick a song from the included music themes. Or, use the drop down menu to grab a song from your iTunes library to match the mood of your photos. I suggest some dubstep. Dubstep makes everything cooler.

Click on the Settings button to set your slideshow preferences, like how long each slide will last or whether you’d like to fit the slideshow to the length of the chosen music. You can also choose the type of transition between slides (there are 13 different effects to choose from in iPhoto ’11), whether or not to show a caption with each photo, or scale each photo to fit the screen.

Click on the This Slide tab at the top of the settings window, and you’ll be able to add image effects like Black and White or Sepia, as well as apply the famous (or infamous, depending on who you ask) Ken Burns’ effect to your images as they are shown.

Once you’re done, click the Preview button to see your slideshow within the iPhoto window, or Play to see it full screen. You can also click on Export to send it as a video file in a variety of formats.

Your friends and family will thank you for not wasting their time with a boring old slideshow, like you did last year.

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