Use Smart Albums To Keep iPhoto Videos And Photos Apart [OS X Tips]


It's ok to keep things separated in here.
Keep your videos and photos apart.

Using your iPhone or iPad to grab videos as well as photos is all the rage. Small wonder, as these devices and the seamless apps that power them make grabbing a quick video or photo as easy as can be.

Unfortunately, when they all get imported to iPhoto, they get placed in there willy nilly. Well, actually, they’re put in via Event and the date they were created, but you get my point: iPhoto sorts video and photos you take with your iOS device into the same place. Here’s how to segregate the videos out for easier organization.

Creating a Smart Album is pretty straightforward. Simply launch iPhoto and head on up to the File menu. Choose New, then Smart Album from the menu. A window will show up, in which you can set up the rules by which iPhoto will sort your stuff. This is pretty similar to setting up filters or email rules in Mail app, so if you have some experience there, you’ll feel right at home.

In the drop down menus, choose Photo from the left hand side, Is from the middle, and Movie from the right hand drop down menu. This basically tells iPhoto to put every video you have in iPhoto into this smart album.

To access the Smart Album, simply look in the left hand pane of the iPhoto window. Under the ALBUMS section, you’ll see your newly created Smart Album, with the special Gear icon that denotes that this is not a regular album. Your photos don’t actually go anywhere, but Smart Albums provide a way for you to find the stuff that matches the criteria you’ve set up more easily.

You can also edit the Smart Album by right clicking on it in the list to the left. This will bring up the same dialog you used in the creation stage above, thus allowing you to add (the plus sign) or delete (the minus sign) criteria from your collection of media.

Source: CNET

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