Apple Online Store Goes Down Ahead Of WWDC


What will be there when it comes back up?
What will be there when it comes back up?

Apple’s online store has gone down ahead of the company’s keynote presentation at WWDC in just under four hours. We’ve had our suspicions that the company will be refreshing a number of its Macs, and this almost confirms they’ll be available to order today.

Although we can’t be certain what Apple will announce exactly, we are expecting refreshes to the MacBook Pro, the Mac Pro, and possibly the MacBook Air and the iMac as well. We’re not expecting anything entirely new, but there’s a very, very slight chance Apple will surprise us all with a new TV. I wouldn’t get your hopes up on that one, though.

What we do know is at least one of these products will be available to order or pre-order later on today.

Are you exited yet?