Stickers Transform Apple TV Into Awesome Nintendo Console


Nostalgic NES is small and perfectly formed.

Face it. Your Apple TV is boring. It looks just like every other Apple TV, everywhere in the world. Sure, you might say it doesn’t matter, that the whole point of the little puck is to get out of the way and let you watch TV shows and movies, but that shows a lack of imagination. What you need, my friend, is a set of decals. And not just any old decals. You need decals that make your Apple TV look like a NES console.

For just $10, Killer Duck Decals will sell you a makeover kit for your dull black Apple TV, transforming it into an 8-bit super console. Of course, your version will be smaller than the original, but if you remember how huge the NES was, then you’ll also know that smaller is most definitely better in this case.

For a real retro experience, though, you should pair these stickers with a set which will transform your iPhone into a NES controller for another $6.

Source: Etsy

  • technochick

    I disagree that this is awesome. I happen to like my boring black box because it fades into nothing in my cabinet. I don’t want some white/grey thing catching my eye when I’m watching something on the TV. 

    And unless I can play Super Mario Bros on my Apple TV why do I want to pretend like it’s a Nintendo. Next you’ll show me how to make my iMac look like an Awesome WinTel without using bootcamp etc. suppose you have a Dell sticker to put on the front also. 
  • wilburg

    Really?  Wow!

    You gotta be f#$%ing kidding me.  This is one useless product.  Aren’t we spending enough money on S^&% we don’t need?
  • joewaylo

    I wonder if they have other stickers coming soon besides an NES console of the 80s. I’d rather paint my Apple TV to match my TV stand thank make it look like a console.

    Heck a better option is to buy a TV mount I saw a few months ago where the Apple TV mounts behind your television and use my iPhone or iPad as the remote control.

  • Jonathan Ober

    I actually think this looks really cool and retro fun. Very sweet idea.

  • LloydAlbert2

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