This Is What iOS 6’s Revolutionary New Maps Application Looks Like [Gallery]


BGR's composite mock-up based upon a series of images of iOS 6's new leaked to them from within Apple.

Rumor has had it for the past few months that Apple was going to phase out its reliance upon Google’s Maps API in iOS 6 in favor of its own revolutionary new mapping system, which it has been working on off-and-on since 2009. Now Boy Genius Report has exclusive images of what they say is the new iOS 6 Maps app in action, and boy, if the composite mock-up they put together based on those images is anything to go by,  it looks like a total game changer.

BGR reports:

Apple has been working on an in-house mapping solution for a few years, and it appears as if the company is finally ready to release a new Maps app for iOS, sidestepping Google’s mapping data for its own. BGR has obtained exclusive information and photos of parts of Apple’s new Maps app from a trusted source, and the app features a refreshed user interface including a brand new navigation bar. This bar, we’re told, is silver instead of blue. Since the current Maps app follows the standard blue iOS color scheme, we think it’s possible Apple might shift toward a silver color theme in iOS 6 like on the iPad.

The iPhone version of Maps has a floating locate me button (it sounds very similar to Android’s Google Maps app) in the bottom left corner. To access 3D mode, which will make use of Apple’s C3 Technologies acquisition, you have to peel back the lower right corner of Maps just like the current version and enable 3D mode. Once enabled, you can switch in and out of 3D mode by tapping a 3D icon in the lower left corner. A photo of this feature can be seen in our gallery.

Apple is now putting the finishing touches on its 3D mapping functionality, and it is currently being tested in build 10A3XX of iOS 6.

While the images below aren’t much to go by, making the composite mock-up above as much fanciful whimsy as informed by fact, BGR’s design logic is at least sound. If anything, we’d imagine it would look even better than the mock-up above (based upon Apple-owned C3 Technologies’ earliest forays into 3D mapping).

If rumors of iOS 6 having a new pan out, we should see it on stage at Tim Cook’s WWDC 2012 keynote in just a couple weeks.

Source: BGR

  • Tyson Pterodactyl Matthew Cigobia

    I like it! It reminds me of Playstation1 games when they started creating 3D maps! 

  • Pixelmunky

    I bet the 3D only works in The US first. Looks cool though i guess?

  • joewaylo

    Exclusive to iPhone 5 no doubt.
    I wonder if they’ll include a 3D buildings editor for users to make buildings for Apple. Garmin has a 3D buildings editor themselves, but only the Metropolitans were included like the Pentagon and the White House in Washington, DC.

  • Kevin McNeese

    Struggling to figure out why anyone would need anything beyond street view? Aside from the “cool factor,” what else would people use this view for? I hope they give us an option to keep Google Maps. 

  • Eric_M_White

    I just hope that the 3D map is not the only feature. Turn-by-turn is what the iPhone really needs.

  • siddharthbandhu

    If this isn’t on iPad, i’ll be sad.

  • appledrunk1

    Very cool and nice to see that Apple will finally stop relying on Google for Maps.