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This is what the Samsung Galaxy S8 looks like


Say hello to the Galaxy S8.
Say hello to the Galaxy S8.
Photo: Evan Blass/Twitter

The Samsung Galaxy S8 has been fully exposed ahead of its grand unveiling later this month.

Thanks to notorious smartphone leaker Evan Blass, we now have have our first solid look at what Samsung’s next iPhone rival will look like. Blass tweeted a marketing image for the upcoming handset, and the Apple fan in me has to admit — it looks pretty damn good.

Apple TV SDK Will Be Released At WWDC 2012, Allow Devs To Make TV Apps [Rumor]



Following earlier reports hinting that Apple would allow devs to start making software for the existing Apple TV as a way of paving the way for a true Apple HDTV early next year, BGR is now officially sticking their neck out, saying an Apple TV SDK is coming at WWDC, allowing devs to build Apple TV-compatible apps. This is in addition to a new control API that will allow other entertainment devices in the living room to use the same remote as the Apple Tv, and even connect through it.

BGR’s the only place claiming such a thing, so we’ll have to see, but it makes sense: if Apple wants to release a proper HDTV, they’ll need to have apps to run on it. This paves the way without tipping their hand too much.

Source: BGR

This Is What iOS 6’s Revolutionary New Maps Application Looks Like [Gallery]


BGR's composite mock-up based upon a series of images of iOS 6's new Maps.app leaked to them from within Apple.

Rumor has had it for the past few months that Apple was going to phase out its reliance upon Google’s Maps API in iOS 6 in favor of its own revolutionary new mapping system, which it has been working on off-and-on since 2009. Now Boy Genius Report has exclusive images of what they say is the new iOS 6 Maps app in action, and boy, if the composite mock-up they put together based on those images is anything to go by,  it looks like a total game changer.

BGR Is Crazypants, Says iPhone 5 Is Exclusive To Sprint



So the Wall Street Journal is reporting that Sprint was so desperate to get the iPhone now that AT&T’s exclusivity deal is up, they actually bet the future of their company on it: they’ve placed an order for over $20 billion in iPhone sales over the next four years. Sprint won’t break even on the deal until 2014, and if the iPhone suddenly becomes less popular (yeah, right), the deal could sink the company.

That’s a big story. It seems almost unbelievable, in fact, that Sprint would bet the future of its company on just one device, but that’s exactly what they appear to have done.

Want to know something even more unbelievable, though? According to a follow up report… Sprint’s ballsy deal secured them exclusive rights to the iPhone 5.

Apple Internal Only Info About MacBook Air Display Issues Leaked



The super slim runway model MacBook Air is the best MacBook I’ve had so far. It’s thin, light, and zippy fast for the work I need to do – like this blog post and everything I need to do while mobile so far. Unfortunately it managed to slip out of manufacturing and into our hands with a few issues.

Now there is definite proof that at least some of the video issues are related to sleep/wake and that Apple, who has been completely quiet about it – knows that the problem exists, but isn’t publicly acknowledging it.

Every AppleCare Protection Plan Is Now Transferable



BGR is reporting that as of October 28, 2010 all AppleCare Protection Plans now have a 30-day window within which they are transferable to new products. The ability to transfer these plans was previously available only on AppleCare for the iPhone.

Apple hasn’t formally announced this change to the public as far as I know, but it appears that this rule will apply to purchases within the same product family. For example, if you purchase a MacBook Pro with AppleCare and then change to a MacBook Air within 30-days the theory is that you would simply transfer the AppleCare to the MacBook Air.

[Via BGR]