Too Many iPads? [Caption Contest]


Your Caption Here?
All I really wanted were the Apple stickers --munpip214

Congrats, commenter munpip214! You’ve won the contest! Enjoy your newfound fame!

So, this image is fairly clear, right? A ton of iPads, all charging with some charging ephemera in the background, none of them out of the plastic wrap that iPads come in. The poster on G+, Google’s social network, is Cameron Brower. What he does is anyone’s guess, but we found this image to be rather sublime, and just crying out for a clever caption. His comment on it? “I hope I never see an iPad again.” Now, it’s your turn.

Cult of Mac readers are some of the funniest captioneers ever, so we’d like to give you a chance to express yourself, and maybe get a little bit of Cult fame as well. Our crack editorial team will look at the submissions over the weekend and then…wait for it…actually put the winning caption under the picture above. Stunning, no?

Seriously, though, it’s all in fun and we wish you all the luck. Now, get captioning! You can enter as many captions as you like; just don’t create some weird script in Automator that spams the comments. Forget I even said that, ok?

Get on it, folks. We can’t wait to see the funny.

Thanks Cameron!

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149 responses to “Too Many iPads? [Caption Contest]”

  1. Justin Quintal says:

    A pad full of iPad’s :P

  2. Holden Brumm says:

    “Too much iPad? More like too much iPaid!”

  3. Breeno8 says:

    “Well, that’s my Xmas shopping complete!”

  4. Gerard Slee says:


  5. Victor Daniel Hernandez says:

    Step-ups anyone?

  6. William LH says:

    Just 1.2 million more and they will have my wall built…..

  7. Blake Wood Ellison says:

    So, this image is fairly clear, right? A ton of iPads, all charging

    None of them are actually charging btw…

  8. Joel Bram says:

    “Next time Tim, maybe we could just use regular cards to play poker!”

  9. Nicolas Bondevik says:


  10. iNsaneOS says:

    An Apple a day keeps the doctor away. 34 of them keeps the girlfriend away :)

  11. ammadz says:

    If only I have one more iPad!

  12. cgeberlejr says:

    So android tablets really are selling!!!!!!!

  13. maskawaih says:

    These iPads are for library.

  14. gregmcqueen says:

    And he still went out and bought a newspaper!

  15. Bob Fretwell says:

    Beowulf Cluster

  16. bitsy423 says:


  17. maasmeier says:

    Oh, there’s a brick missing from my . Give it back to me — NOW!

  18. saeedi says:

    In an effort to boost sales of the HP Touchpads, Meg Whitman was seen buying up all the iPads from local Apple Stores.

  19. emilioomarin says:

    “Taste the iPad!”

  20. Manish Bhatia says:

    Attack of the iDrones

  21. emilioomarin says:

    “Too good for ya?”

  22. Jeffrey Van Houten says:

    Now if they would just stop using Flash Player..

  23. KurtALEXis says:

    Hospital: Wait, these weren’t the eye pads we ordered!

    ba dum tss
  24. bitsy423 says:

    Mine, I tell ya, ALL MINE! BwaHaHaHa!

  25. emilioomarin says:

    “Kiss my shiny metal”

  26. Jeffrey Van Houten says:

    “Check out the new electric heater I got for my office!”

  27. emilioomarin says:

    “Check out my new… wait for it… iPad!”

  28. AppleOpinions says:

    I’m not obsessed. 

  29. TylerHoj says:

    ‘Yeah, I don’t like cleaning the fingerprints off my screen, either.’ 

  30. Nick Cotter says:

    What if I told you 

    That they are all mine!
  31. JKY14 says:

    How to jump start your Chevy Volt….

  32. Alexander530 says:

    “It said that their preorder server was down…so I kept on clicking”

  33. willtonia says:

    The start of Steve Jobs stair case for his ihouse

  34. TylerHoj says:

    ‘Let’s be real, here. A 64GB maximum still isn’t that much space.’ 

  35. emilioomarin says:

    “10,000 reasons to ignore the world”

  36. emilioomarin says:

    “Demo model. Please do not remove from store”

  37. emilioomarin says:
    “Birthday present to myself.
    (No one else could afford it)”
  38. kirkm73 says:

    This is what happens when Male Siri and Female Siri get together

  39. Joe Burt says:

    Preparing for that time of the month at Apple HQ. 

  40. emilioomarin says:
    “Dry-clean only”
  41. emilioomarin says:
    “Thinner than a supermodel
    and I’m not even anorexic”
  42. Flyphoenix says:

    Too many iPads give me one! :D

  43. Ryan W says:

    Give child credit card for birthday cards, child buys iPads as e-cards

  44. mr_bee says:

    First “ephemera” is the wrong word.  

    Second, this isn’t actually very many iPads.
    We deploy 30 at a time on carts for classroom use.  
    This looks like only a single cart full. 
  45. Michael Mulhern says:

    Unfortunately with the Apple appStore rejecting the submission of an iPad parallel processing aggregator app, they’ll won’t be able to play the most extreme version Angry Birds ever.

  46. sag44 says:

    Great iPads Charge Alike

  47. Denis Acatauassú Paes Barreto says:

    Mom! Stop stealing iPads! One is enough!

  48. baby_Twitty says:

    Apparently with the current economic outlook at an all-time low, investors have found that hoarding Apple products in the vault to be much more safer & valuable than hoarding gold.

    (True story bro.)
  49. Kuipo says:
    Hmm.  This isn’t exactly what was asked for… but I think it applies to the situation:

  50. sag44 says:

    This is the reason you should have installed Find my iPad!

  51. Solomon Griffin Jr. says:
    Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Albert Einstein
  52. Solomon Griffin Jr. says:
    It is a basic precept that with the highest technology, simplicity is best. 
  53. Solomon Griffin Jr. says:

    I want a person who comes into my life by accident, but stays on purpose, someone humble and endearing 

    Siri I love you :)
  54. Giorgos Smith says:

    Due to big profits, Apple is handing out iPads for free. Just walk by the table and get yourself one.

  55. Giorgos Smith says:

    Due to big profits, Apple is handing out iPads for free! Just walk by the table and get yourself one.

  56. pantsromancer says:

    Too many iPads? #firstworldproblems

  57. Matthew Gonzales Landry says:

    Yes, now to turn around and resell them for a huge profit *tebows*

  58. Raphael Maier says:

    Cameron Brower thought he needs a new iPad for every single new eBook. 

  59. jeremyknaack says:

    Introducing TRUE iPad multitasking

  60. Lane Jasper says:


  61. Manish Bhatia says:

    An inside look at the contents of the super secret Doomsday Bunker…

  62. Alexander530 says:

    “Taking stockholding to a new level”

    “The “two ipad per person” rule is false”

  63. orlandocreative says:

    Ok! Got em. Now how do we print our newspaper on these? 

  64. iJcaP says:

    Cult Rule #15: Make sure your using the newest device.

  65. BakedGeek says:

    “The News Stand of the future”

  66. MacBelive says:

    Welcome to “Heart Transplant Central”

  67. Pawel Tomasz Dlugosz says:

    “No sir, we don’t have any newspapers on this flight”

  68. pbriones says:

    “Move over, poor people.”

  69. reg park says:

    If you keep them turned over this way, you can fit a burger, fries and a dinner salad on top.

  70. sag44 says:

    I know.. I know.. I know… Everyone thinks we look alike.. But no, we are not related

  71. 123456789 says:

    I am deciding between this many iPads and a batmobile.  Which one should I get? 

  72. orlandocreative says:

    I’m not OCD! These things get dirty, you can’t expect me to reuse them!

  73. sag44 says:

    Apple’s Celebrity iPad Rehab

  74. Brian Christopher Tompkins says:

    “Ensuring APPL reaches $1k a share 10 iPads at time”

  75. sag44 says:

    New Cast of “The Celebrity Apprentice”

  76. Brian Christopher Tompkins says:

    “Hi, and welcome to the Apple reverse engineering lab here at Samsung Corporation. Please take an iPad before proceeding to your designated workstation.”

  77. Brian Christopher Tompkins says:

    “Hi, and welcome to the Apple reverse engineering lab here at Samsung Corporation. Please take an iPad before proceeding to your designated workstation.”

  78. mrRhon says:
     Posts: 1Member 1
    So, this image is fairly clear, right? A ton of iPads, all charging

    None of them are actually charging btw…

    Aaaaah… thats why they never turned back on.
  79. Brendon says:

    Now to put slate in the iPad boxes and return them to Best Buy.

  80. Erik Boeselager says:

    A different IPad for every day of the week, plus a little extra in case they get dirty.

  81. munpip214 says:

    “All I really wanted were the Apple stickers”

  82. Berian Lowe says:

    You see a ton of iPads. I see one shift at the foxconn plant!

  83. Lane Jasper says:

    Those aren’t plugged in, that’s just a mag-safe adapter laying behind them.

  84. nagelc27 says:

    One iPad for u, 50 for me … On the other hand give that one back … :-)

  85. Christian Schoch says:

    Nerd gangbang

  86. TylerHoj says:

    ‘I got 99 iPads, not a glitch in one.’

  87. Vinod Nambiar says:


  88. dickybell says:

    65,536 X 49,152 resolution = retina display juiciness

  89. Soccer5se says:

    This is what happens when Bill’s Gates’ daughters get a hold of daddy’s American Express Black card. 

  90. ICUDoctor says:

    Now THIS is how you become popular!

  91. InternDom says:

    He jailbreaks a table full of iPads with one click, He’s the most interesting man in the world…

  92. SmplyChrisHenry says:

    That time of the month? Get an ipad or 2…..or 36

  93. Honyant says:

    … but the fourth Little Pig built his house out of iPads …

  94. kirkm73 says:

    SETI finds intelligent life with iPad farm!

  95. Aaron Kok says:

    I’M IPAD-MAD!!!

  96. Brandon Lynn says:

    3 year old + eBay = FML

  97. Sander Strijbos says:

    Ready to take over the world!

  98. StockBad says:

    You can pay a hooker in iPads… Right?

  99. Brandon Lynn says:

    New Samsung Tablet seized

  100. StockBad says:

    35 iPads … 13,965 dollars
    “nerd cred” amongst your twitter followers … Priceless.

  101. Dwight Moody says:

    It’s a party.  Heres your invitation.

  102. Dwight Moody says:

    The Dugars

  103. Dwight Moody says:

    As you can see, I’m suddenly pretty popular!

  104. Kelani says:

    An IT’s Excedrin headache!

  105. TidewaterHC says:

    How many iPads does it take to change a light bulb?

  106. ZacharyGodsell says:

    I’m sure they won’t notice if one goes missing…

  107. Anup Rao says:


    1] killer iPads from planet apple [1950’s style movie title]
    2] iiiiiiiiiiiiiiPad
    3] An iPad a day keeps the windows away!

  108. shaneertter says:

    Maxi Pads?

  109. Kye Alan Russell says:

    When I was your age, this is how we multitasked on iOS.

  110. abhishekkulhari says:

    Amazon Shipment gone wrong!!!!!!

  111. abhishekkulhari says:

    I just ordered a crate of Apples ….

  112. Eli Vanderzande says:

    Grabbing a plate in some fancy Dinnerrestaurant! 

  113. ash3003 says:

    Every iPad is an iPad!

  114. Stu Thomas says:

    These iPad’s are not the only ones, there is another.

  115. Aaron Russell says:

    Imagine the fingerprints on those!

  116. Drclive007 says:

    Halfway to a full-strenght levee!

  117. tomharness says:

    I will call your 17 iPads and raise you 12!

  118. Mark C. says:

    Is it getting hot in here?

  119. Ed_Kel says:

    … I don’t see the problem here …

  120. SectorK says:

    Someone.. clearly read iPancakes.

  121. revolutus says:

    too many of Steve job left behind

  122. Richard Stafford says:

    SO….I got the new Apple Weight Set for my workouts.

  123. badloop says:

    I love iBooks but, how is this supposed to make my library smaller?

  124. ke71n says:

    Which one to wipe my ass with today?

  125. BossAngeles says:

    I guess I typed my phone number in the box marked “quantity”.

  126. BossAngeles says:

    Spyshot of the 99 percent charged protest signs for the Occupy Samsung protest?

  127. BossAngeles says:

    Door Stops used by Cupertino Building and Planning commission.

  128. BossAngeles says:

    Note to self. Never type phone number in the box marked “quantity”. 

  129. BossAngeles says:

    I’m going to keep buying them till one has a screen!

  130. Kelly Quarles says:

    I’m Rich B*@ch.(In my Dave Chappelle voice)…

  131. Andrew Shipman says:

    Whacked and Stacked-Like Cord Wood!

  132. MacBelive says:

    The latest one I named Charlie… He’s so perfect… He fits in great with his new friends!

  133. infosecsamurai says:

    Looks like Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer are going skeet shooting again.

  134. Mark_Hunte says:

    Here’s an exclusive Sneak peek at Apples new Data centre.

  135. justvisitin says:

    iPile, uPick

  136. emilioomarin says:

    “10 years ago I was called cutting board”

  137. LukaMac says:

    The cost of non-expandable storage 

  138. Geodoc says:

    Oh, are you sure I don’t need an ipad for each App? 

  139. GabrielePerino says:

    How many fingers would I need to use them all? :D

  140. emilioomarin says:

    “Can’t touch this!”

  141. emilioomarin says:

    “Rare edition

    1 of 1″
  142. emilioomarin says:

    “I shouldn’t have engraved”

  143. emilioomarin says:

    “If we break up, I want this back”

  144. emilioomarin says:

    “In case of emergency, break glass”

  145. emilioomarin says:

    “Engraving lowers resale value? Crap”

  146. emilioomarin says:

    “If found in a bar, please don’t sell it to Gizmodo”

  147. Elliott Minns says:

    What do you mean this isn’t an iBook shelf?

  148. cyphorious says:


  149. Hunter says:

    "I can sync all these at one time with Configurator and a 49 port USB hub!"

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