Caption contest: Tim Cook walks into an AppleCare center in Texas…


Tim Cook tweeted this photo today of his visit to the new Apple campus in Austin, Texas. Can you read his lips?

Imagine calling into AppleCare, pissed off that your iPad’s display is freezing, again. You’re ready to obliterate the schmucks at the call center with a hadouken ball of fury, but when the line is finally answered, you’re disarmed by the sweet southern charm of Apple’s lovable CEO.

That’s what happened to a couple of customers calling into AppleCare yesterday in Austin, Texas as Tim Cook and Eddy Cue took a tour of the new facilities, fixed up some Mac Pros, and even fielded a few calls themselves.

Too Many iPads? [Caption Contest]


Your Caption Here?
All I really wanted were the Apple stickers --munpip214

Congrats, commenter munpip214! You’ve won the contest! Enjoy your newfound fame!

So, this image is fairly clear, right? A ton of iPads, all charging with some charging ephemera in the background, none of them out of the plastic wrap that iPads come in. The poster on G+, Google’s social network, is Cameron Brower. What he does is anyone’s guess, but we found this image to be rather sublime, and just crying out for a clever caption. His comment on it? “I hope I never see an iPad again.” Now, it’s your turn.

This Is Microsoft’s Best Product Of CES, Hands Down! [Caption Contest]



LAS VEGAS, CES 2012 – There are some really awesome products on the showroom floor of CES this year, but we think we’ve found the greatest Microsoft product of all time. OF ALL TIME! Microsoft lipbalm. Admit it. You’re jealous that you don’t have your own stick yet aren’t you?

To make up for your absence at CES, we’re going to have a caption contest, and the winner gets a bag of CES swag that we got from the floor today.

To enter the contest, just comment on this article with your caption for the Microsoft Chapstick picture. Funniest caption wins and we’ll announce the winner on Friday, Jan. 13th at 12pm PST. Good luck.