Facebook’s New Camera App Is Pretty Much A Bullet In The Head For Instagram


Coming on the heels of Facebook’s $1 billion Instagram acquisition, but otherwise pretty much out of nowhere, the social networking giant just released a brand new Camera app called Facebook Camera… and it’s so much like Instagram that you have to wonder if Facebook bought the up-and-coming app just so it could put a bullet through its head before it became a real threat.

This really is Facebook’s Instagram. Load it up and you see a beautiful feed of all of your friends’ photos. Want to upload your own? No problem: you can upload multiple images at once and even apply one of fifteen filters to the snaps, all of which are almost identical to Instagram’s. Once an image is up, you can do the usual: tag friends, add captions, do some light editing, etc.

It’s a pretty solid app, but to be honest, if Facebook was working on an app like this, why did they bother buying Instagram? If they had this in the works the whole time, the most likely reason is to drain Instagram’s talent and tech, then kill it off before no one shared photos on Facebook anymore.

RIP Instagram.

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6 responses to “Facebook’s New Camera App Is Pretty Much A Bullet In The Head For Instagram”

  1. Eric G Gagnon says:

    FB is gonna have to Merge with the IG community or at least allow picture sharing with anyone just like IG, not just with FB “friends”. 

  2. TheKnightWhoSaysNi says:

    Maybe they wanted to make really really sure they didn’t get sued by Instagram.

  3. Paul Lloyd Johnson says:

    Why can’t they integrate this into the main app! I don’t want more than one Facebook app! I hope that Apple makes iCloud into a social network. I hate Facebook and can’t wait to delete it!!

  4. thegraphicmac says:

    This now makes FOUR Facebook apps (Facebook, Messenger, Pages, and now FB Camera). Messenger’s entire feature-set is already in the main FB app, and I can’t see why Pages can’t be integrated as well. I can almost see why this Camera app is separate – but at the same time, I can’t see why, with the engineering/coding talent FB has, they can’t integrate it into the main FB app as well. 

  5. That_Dan_Person says:

    I don’t see the point of this App. What’s wrong with using the millions of all ready photo filter Apps to shear to FB? It dose seem that FB intent on buying Instagram was to take out the competition. I refuse to use this App. They are lucky that I still use the FB App as it is. If they do close down Instagram then I will just use King Camera.

  6. Bill Hitz says:

    We don’t really have the full story yet. Instagram could have been had for a lot less than $1 billion.

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